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  • Patrick LeBlanc ~ Teen Stop Jeunesse Inc.

    Despite accurately communicating that we did not want our 5 year contracts to auto-renew, our telco renewed them anyway. We spoke with a number of reps and endured numerous email exchanges without success. Not having the time or inclination to pursue this further or legally; we let the issue drop and decided to correct this when the contract came due next time. After an unrelated meeting with James and hearing about his services, we engaged CostWise Business Consulting. Much to my utter surprise and shock, he was able to negotiate with our telco and have all contracts waved in less than half a day. After that, he was able to come back to us in just a couple days with a plan that could save use thousands of dollars. Contracts or not, you should call James for an accurate assessment of what you should be paying!
  • Paula Carlson ~ Mobile Cardio Screening Services of Manitoba

    As a small business owner, I require only basic phone and Internet services, and yet James at CostWise Business Services was able to negotiate much better rates with my providers. Not only will I save money, but James explained the services to me in detail and will be there to answer any questions I may have in the future. Do yourself a favour and contact James right away. You truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
  • John Thompson ~ The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy

    Neither of our pharmacies had complex needs. Still, after a review by James Bloomfield with CostWise Business Consulting, we were able to reduce our phone and internet bills by nearly 30% saving us just over $8000 over the next 5 years. I really appreciate knowing he’s dedicated to lowering my expenses and helping my business grow rather than increasing his sales numbers. You really need to call this guy!
  • Dr. Sundeep Patel ~ Cor-Dent Dental Centre

    Despite regular visits from our telco’s sales rep, not once were we advised how to restructure our phone and internet account to reduce expenses. Thanks to advice from James Bloomfield with CostWise Business Consulting we were able to save almost $5,000.00 over 5 years which paid for a new phone system. I highly recommend calling CostWise to setup a consultation today.
  • Laura Thompson ~ Investia WPG

    James met with us at our place of business and was very thorough in his questions, even going to look at our current systems. We had him added as a contact to our SHAW account so that he could inquire and help assess what services could be altered or changed to reduce our overall costs. That meeting with him took 20 to 30% off our phone and internet bill. We would highly recommend James as an honest, independent consultant.
  • Andre Fontaine ~ Fontaine Electric

    James was so accommodating to work with and you can tell that the #1 most important thing for him is customer satisfaction. Where the other guys fail to take it a step further in ensuring that the we were happy with the product CostWise Business Consulting stood by us until we were totally comfortable with our system.
  • Timo Gerzen D.D. ~ Grand Denture Clinic, Steinbach

    When I bought Grand Denture Clinic in Steinbach in July of 2015 I couldn’t believe how high my MTS bills were. After a quick meeting with James he was able to give me a few options on how I could save a lot of money on my phone bills. When I took over the business all the phone lines were on auto renew and there were still 18 months left on a 5 year contract. The contract also had many fees and services that our small office doesn’t need. James got us out of that contract and switched us to another phone company where we only pay a fraction of what we paid before. He got us only the services we needed and got rid of all the extra phone lines and services we didn’t need. James was only a phone call away since day one and answered every question. His service was reliable and professional. I would definitely recommend his service to anyone who thinks that their phone bill is too high.