Preventing Downtime
Offsite backups - We've got you covered!
Secure Email Backup
Remote Monitoring 24 / 7

Why CostWise IT & Telecom


VoIP Phone Service

CostWise IT & Telecom is one of the few companies that offers a hybrid onsite / cloud service. Where, yes you can, is the answer to your phone system questions.


Full Circle Security

From Firewalls through to PC security software. We've take care of you're systems so you don't need to.


Improved Uptime

By automating backups, we ensure that should something happen, we can get you back up and running quickly.


Automated Backups

By automating backups, we ensure there's never an excuse. No more forgetting to swap a drive at the end of the day.


Connecting Your Devices

More than just plugging in the wifi password, we'll design and implement a secure plan to ensure your devices are connected correctly or isolated if need an older, less secure device connected.


A Bright Idea

Full system protection and a full service phone system through CostWise IT & Telecom is a bright idea.


Our Customers Love Us!

We lost access to the internet on Friday and James contacted us immediately to see if our IP phone system was affected. He immediately had our calls routed to a cell number, while our network access was restored. To have Costwise be that aware of the impact on our business and contact us within minutes, is nothing short of outstanding support. If you're looking for outstanding support for an IP based phone system contact Costwise.
Charleswood Roofing
Despite accurately communicating that we did not want our 5 year contracts to auto-renew, our telco renewed them anyway. We spoke with a number of reps and endured numerous email exchanges without success. Not having the time or inclination to pursue this further or legally; we let the issue drop and decided to correct this when the contract came due next time. After an unrelated meeting with James and hearing about his services, we engaged CostWise Business Consulting. Much to my utter surprise and shock, he was able to negotiate with our telco and have all contracts waved in less than half a day. After that, he was able to come back to us in just a couple days with a plan that could save us thousands of dollars. Contracts or not, you should call James for an accurate assessment of what you should be paying!
Patrick LeBlanc
Executive Director - Teen Stop Jeunesse Inc.
James met with us at our place of business and was very thorough in his questions, (even going so far as to look at our current systems). We had him added as a contact to our SHAW account so that he could inquire and help assess what services could be altered or cancelled to reduce our overall costs. That meeting with him took 20 to 30% off our phone and internet bill. We would highly recommend James as an honest, independent consultant.
Laura Thompson
Owner - Investia WPG
Professionals, trustworthy guys. 100% win-win. No investment is needed to save the money.
R. Z.