• October 27, 2015
  • james
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You get a bill, it’s got a price printed on it and you pay it. Occasionally, you call your service provider and ask if there are better rates and try to save a couple bucks. Side note, if you don’t hire me, you should at least call every year or two.

This week, while working with a large business in the exchange district. I took a look at the bill, I saw the number owning, but it didn’t make sense. The number was too high for the number of lines they had. Now, I only get paid a percentage of savings I can find, so backdating an overcharge is absolutely electrifying for both me and my customers. Calling the provider to get a break down of charges I found a service charge for $50.00 per month that was not technically able to function on the kind of lines the customer had.

The customer wouldn’t have know this.

You would assume the rep would have know this.

However, not only had the customer called in to go over prices about two years ago, they were told it was essential buy the rep and told they were getting the best price in the land.

Regardless, after some hours on the phone, I was able to get many years of this oversight corrected.


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