• August 26, 2015
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After Wrapping up with Grand Denture Clinic in Steinbach MB, I received the following feedback.  These words from Timo Gerzen D.D. really make my day and motivate me to keep going and reach as many businesses as I can.

“When I bought Grand Denture Clinic in Steinbach in July of 2015 I couldn’t believe how high my MTS bills were. After a quick meeting with James he was able to give me a few options on how I could save a lot of money on my phone bills. When I took over the business all the phone lines were on auto renew and there were still 18 months left on a 5 year contract. The contract also had many fees and services that our small office doesn’t need. James got us out of that contract and switched us to another phone company where we only pay a fraction of what we paid before. He got us only the services we needed and got rid of all the extra phone lines and services we didn’t need. James was only a phone call away since day one and answered every question. His service was reliable and professional. In would definitely recommend his service to anyone who thinks that their phone bill is too high.”

Grand Denture

Thanks Timo, good luck in all you do.

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