• October 27, 2015
  • james
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I recently worked with a small business who, like many, didn’t believe I’d be able to find any savings for him. He was in fact much more diligent that my average customer and had worked hard to grind down the best price he thought he could get. Still, taking a look at his needs and services, I found he was paying for voicemail, call forwarding and other services on his fax line.

Not a big deal, it brought his three phone bill down by only $11.00 per month. However, no company had talked to him about short term deals they were offering either. I was able to use an option to contract service to secure 5 months of completely free service and 7 months of highly reduced rates after that. Only then did his bill go up to normal. Minus the $11.00 savings of course.


James is a multi-faceted, logical and creative person. He enjoys taking on new challenges, particularly when the odds seem to be against him. He is capable of applying his significant and diverse background to a broad range of opportunities. His clients are business owners and leaders looking for someone who takes the time to understand their needs rather than to present them with a pre-packaged deal. In order to support this task, he is continually updating his education, knowledge, and understanding.