• May 20, 2015
  • james
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Thank you to Tammy Hildebrand, Director of Manitoba Dental Association www.manitobadentist.ca and Maya Shapiro from MAYArt – Branding Smart www.mayart.ca.  Their effort and hand holding helped CostWise through the process of publishing our first print advertisement.  To be printed in the Manitoba Dental Associations Bulletin, coming the summer of 2015.

A second thanks to Robert Lowdon www.robertlowdon.com for showing up short notice during a long weekend to take the head shots and have the processed pictures back in under 24 hours.


James is a multi-faceted, logical and creative person. He enjoys taking on new challenges, particularly when the odds seem to be against him. He is capable of applying his significant and diverse background to a broad range of opportunities. His clients are business owners and leaders looking for someone who takes the time to understand their needs rather than to present them with a pre-packaged deal. In order to support this task, he is continually updating his education, knowledge, and understanding.